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Preamp / Distortion / Overdrive

The Burning Sunn is a replica of the preamp of the legendary "Model T" amplifier, the well-known holy grail for Doom (Metal). If you don't want to pay 4,000€ for an ultra-rare original Model T, the Burning Sunn is a must-have for you.

The Burning Sunn is perfect for guitarists as well as bassists. It can be used in front of your amp and as a preamp in your FX loop.

The two channels ("Normal" and "Bright") are permanently "patched" to get the maximum volume and gain. The Burning Sunn is not a high-gain pedal. It remains transparent at all times and is great for "stacking" with other overdrive, distortion, or fuzz pedals. The high bass reserves, the typical "growl" and the pure vintage sound will remain at all times.


Sunn Model T Preamp
2 Gainstages/channels (bright & normal)
Tone stack: bass, mids, treble
Soft-touch switch, relay true bypass
9V DC, 2,1mm, center negative
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